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We offer interactive and educational sessions on adaptive change, leadership, managing polarities, resiliency and other topics for groups of any size, from one hour lectures, to day-long seminars, to multi-part academies of leadership spread over time. Audiences have included private and academic medical groups, government, non-profit and advocacy organizations. Examples include:

  • Resuscitating Hope for The Failing Heart of Health Care
  • Principles and Practices of Adaptive Leadership in the Context of Health Care
  • Making Progress on Adaptive Challenges
  • Managing Polarities: Harnessing the Productive Tension in Tradeoffs
  • Resiliency in Health Care Providers and Systems 
  • Building Your Practice of Leadership: Learning to Use Yourself Differently
  • Facing Reality and Remaining Hopeful
  • Top Ten Ways to Enhance Your Leadership Resiliency
  • Destructive Physicians: Knowing When to Hold 'Em and When to Fold 'Em
  • Writing As A Healing Practice for Health Care Practioners

Educational sessions can be customized to each client’s needs and may include interactive work at the individual, dyad, or small group level.

The sweet spot for Partners at Cascade Bluff is to work over time with teams from within a single organization, or with groups of individuals representing diverse organizations, who come together for intensive, usually day-long work that builds upon itself over time. Cohorts can meet once a month, once a quarter or at other intervals suited to the client's needs. This method, emphasizing learning based on cases from real work done in real time, allows participants to deeply embrace the concepts of adaptive change and apply them with the support of a community of learners. Cohorts have included:
  • Administrative - Physician leadership dyads learning how to share responsibility.
  • Improvement Teams working on solving quality issues or striving to enhance services.
  • Physician leaders from multiple, at times competing health care organizations, coming together to learn principles of complex adaptive change in a supportive community of peers.
  • Administrative and physician leaders within single large integrated systems building internal capacity for robust organizational culture work and complex adaptive change.

Dr. Ulstad and Dr. Ogle are members of a rather small, informal "sub-specialty" as physicians who are also fully trained and certified professional coaches. We have also both practiced in our respective medical fields, had the privilege of providing decades of direct patient care, taught students and residents, and served in leadership positions in academic medical centers, the private sector, and safety net hospitals. We feel our blend of experience and training provides exceptional value for us as coaches, especially for our clients in healing professions.

Dr. Ulstad has Coaching Certification from the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, California. She offers executive leadership and group coaching as part of capacity-building within the context of team and organizational work.

Dr. Ogle is certified as an Integral Master Coach™ through Integral Coaching Canada in Ottawa, Ontario. She provides executive, professional and transitional coaching to individuals interested in exploring change from within or outside the context of organizational life. She has a particular passion for coaching health care professionals, especially other physicians.

Dr. Ogle and Dr. Ulstad are trained in the use and interpretation of the CDR® assessment survey tool. Learn more about the CDR® assessment tool: CDR®

Sample Coaching Agreement

When an acute crisis arises or a smoldering issue won’t go away, sometimes an outside perspective is invaluable. Partners at Cascade Bluff can provide on-site analysis of the issue with a 360° review through an intensive interview process, development of key individuals, facilitation of meetings using live action coaching, and support the process of discovery of potential solutions and strategies to achieve them.

Custom client relationships have included:
  • A tightly knit, highly successful single specialty medical group facing a transition of leadership as the founding members approach retirement.
  • A rural community health care consortium, with diverse formal and informal relationships, facing frequent hospital CEO turnover, physician dissatisfaction, and “absentee ownership” by a large national system.
  • Negotiating cultural change in a diverse network of providers and systems
  • A multi-site medical group preparing for the implementation of an electronic medical record.
  • Facilitation of tense negotiations in the aftermath of academic-community hospital and physician practice mergers.

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