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Here are examples of writings by Dr. Ulstad and Dr. Ogle on leadership, change and tools for adaptive work.

Ulstad V: 5 Principals of Adaptive Leadership and Why It's a Critical Skill for Health Care Leaders

Ulstad V and Ogle K: Managing Polarities: Getting from Either/or to Both/and. Minnesota Physician, Vol. 27, No. 7, Oct  2013, pp. 1-10.

Ulstad V, Ogle K: Creating Our Future Together.  Minnesota Medicine, Sept 2012, 51-53.

Thygeson M, Morrissey L and Ulstad V: Adaptive leadership and the practice of medicine: a complexity-based approach to reframing the doctor–patient relationship. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice ISSN 1356-1294, 2010, 1009-1015

Ulstad V: Learning to Lead, in Leading Physicians through Change: How to Achieve and Sustain Results, second edition. Kornacki, M.J. and Silversin, J, American College of Physician Executives, Tampa, FL November 2012, pp 16-17.

Ulstad V: Seeing Myself as a Creative Person, in Educators’ Stories of Creating Enduring Change, Eds. Headrick L and Litzelman, D. Radcliffe Publishing, LTD, United Kingdom, 2013, pp18.​

Minnesota Hospital Association Spotlight Story, Engage and Empower: A Fair Process Matters. Val Ulstad MD, MPA, MPH

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