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From the Chief Executive Officer of an integrated medical system:

"Dr. Ulstad introduced us to one of the most meaningful and practical methods I have experienced and it is proving to have a deep connection with the heart and soul of healthcare.  I have taken this approach and spread it more deeply in my organization resulting in more dynamic and effective leadership throughout the organization. Investing in meaningful leadership development will provide returns to an organization that are more valuable than any other investment.  Finding the right leadership development approach is like searching for the Holy Grail.  I believe that the work we did with Dr. Ulstad is an investment that will provide significant returns to both those involved and the organization for years to come." 

From the Chief Medical Officer of a regional hospital: 

"Val helped to build a multifaceted approach for leadership development, engagement of physicians and built a solid foundation for our journey to become a high reliability organization. Val has an uncanny ability to make people feel safe to speak open and honestly, yet always holds people accountable and makes them think deeply about what they are saying or doing. I was recently at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Annual conference and the keynote speakers are talking about these "new concepts" of polarities, a culture of AND, needing to take care of healthcare providers and work on burnout. Those of us who were there who have done work with Val ... and there were many of us from many different healthcare systems ....were all saying how fortunate we are to have had the opportunities that we have had to work with Val in our respective organizations. She has helped us be on the forefront of medicine."

Another health care organization CEO’s comments:

"With Dr. Ulstad’s experience and communication style, she quickly gains trust with both physicians and administration. This trust allows her to get to the heart of issues and quickly move the conversation to solutions. Dr. Ulstad’s clinical and academic background is a great combination of skills in helping physician and nonphysician leaders better understand today’s healthcare environment. With a better understanding of the “why” behind physician behaviors, there is a much higher probability in making positive and sustainable organizational change."

Comments from another CMO at a large regional health system:

"Val has universally been given outstanding reviews from all attendees. Her message resonates well with physicians, advanced practice providers and all other members of the health care delivery team and all those looking for help in becoming a better leader. Not only does Val provide excellent content and expertise, she is always willing to find the teachable moment in a difficult situation. We are already seeing a difference with our young leaders who have been through the Academy. The language that our leaders are using is now different, as is their knowledge of Adaptive vs Technical problems. Our physicians are better engaged than they have been before and our multi‐disciplinary approach to leadership development is training people across our organization and giving everyone a common language, a common purpose and a common desire to improve our organization. The concepts taught are crucial to a better understanding of why so many things we have done in health care have not been successful, or successful for only a limited amount of time. This work has helped to change our culture and is fundamental to keeping us relevant in the challenging environment of today’s health care."


Comments from Kathy’s clients:

"Kathy is a gifted coach. Her deep listening and skillful use of metaphor helped me gain insight into my coaching topic and integrate this insight into practical action. I highly recommend her."

"My coaching partnership with Kathy has been a real catalyst for my own development as a coach, and as a person. She created the space for me to achieve breakthroughs in the way I value myself, helping me own and honor past accomplishments and ways of being. And she helped me imagine a future that would both rely and build on this enhanced perspective. Kathy's heartfelt metaphors were beautifully crafted to help me see and reach, and were the product of her artful questions, great listening and intuitive coaching. I am so grateful for Kathy's influence in my life and work, and I gleefully recommend her to others who are seeking true accompaniment on their journey toward change and renewal!"

Comments from one of Val’s clients:

"Val is a gifted listener, coach, cheerleader and teacher. She was a lighthouse during my leadership transition. I appreciated her ability to ask probing questions that got at the heart of the issues we were working through together."

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